What This Petition is NOT- Please Read!!

Let me be perfectly clear on the reasons for the Citizens Petition to Abolish and Audit the Federal Reserve.  First and foremost this petition is NOT an attack on the current Obama administration.  In fact all administrations since the FED’s inception in 1913 are guilty in participating in this “money” scam on the American people.  The petition is NON-POLITICAL and is for all Americans to sign, regardless of political ideology.  It doesn’t identify with any political movement or differentiate between Dems, Repubs, Libs, Conservatives, Libertarians, Tea Party etc etc.  Its for ALL American Citizens who want to see the United States of America continue to shine as a beacon of freedom throughout the world – it’s for ALL AMERICANS who believe in freedom and individual rights.  There are forces in this world who want to see the United States fail.  There are powerful individuals who control the illicit and unconstitutional monetary policies of the Federal Reserve.  This Citizens Petition is a “Call to Action” and a vehicle to defeat the elite money power from taking over this country and the world!!


1.  Preserve the Sovereignty of the United States of America

2.  Protect Future Generations from being pilfered by the money power   (you owe it to your children and grandchildren)

3.  Preserve your Individual Rights & Freedom that are guaranteed by the U. S. Constitution

4.  Have your Voice Heard   (“We the People” have the numbers to affect change)

5.  Break the Chain of Slavery to private central bankers and monetary scientists  (return the power  & control of money back to the people)

6.  Keeps Congress Honest and on the straight and narrower  (STOP Congress from spending your hard-earned dollars foolishly)

7.  It’s Easy to Sign and straight-forward

8.  It’s a Citizens Petition for All Americans to sign


Please click on the below link, read and sign the petition and spread the word to your family, friends and associates – time is running out!!


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One comment on “What This Petition is NOT- Please Read!!
  1. ddonut says:

    If you are presently reading this entry, and get it.

    You are literally being robbed by currency devaluation, through the creation of money from thin air, ( quantative easing.)

    ★★★ What this Petition is. ★★★

    A way for the average citizen to stop the daily looting of their wealth. HOW TO ACCOMPLISH THIS?


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