Way Back When . . .

Even in ancient times, as described in the Old Testament, dishonesty in maintaining sound money coincided with the absence of moral leaders and excesses in foreign military aggression.  Sound familiar?   In 400 B.C., Aristophanes exposed the money changers for debasing his city’s money . . . from The Frogs by Aristophanes, about 400 B.C.

The noble silver drachma that of old we were                                                                   So proud of, and the recent gold coins that                                                                    Rang true, clean-stamped and worth their weight                                                      Throughout the world, have ceased to circulate.

Instead, the purses of Athenian shoppers                                                                     Are full of shoddy silver-plated coopers                                                                        Just so, when men are needed by the nation,                                                                The best have been withdrawn from circulation.

Nothing much has changed since Aristophanes time.  The ancient money changers have morphed to sophisticated private bankers who control the quality and quantity of our money, while enriching themselves at the expense of the masses.  It seems the Obama administration and these presidential candidates just don’t get it.  Obama wants to keep spending more money that we don’t have on health care and the others want to spend more money we don’t have on policing the world.  We cannot afford another war with Iran or afford health care for everyone!!

Again, nothing will change until we kicked the money changers (FED private bankers & Rich Cats on Wall Street) out of the equation.  It’s our money, when are WE going to control it?

Speaking of Wall Street, did you see the report in USA TODAY on the cause of the Stock Market reaching new highs recently?  It appears that these same companies who are seeing a increase in their bottom line are buying back their own stocks!!  Again, another scam on the American people.  IMHO, the Stock Market is a crap-shoot, run by a bunch of crooks and insiders.  All I can say . . . Buyer Beware!!!!



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