The Sovereign Movement!!

An article ‘If y’all come to get me, bring body bags’ that appeared on the front page in the weekend edition of USA TODAY is a wake-up call for all Americans.  I certainly do not condone lawlessness or insurrection, but I do feel that many Americans are fed up with the system and are starting to revolt.  The sub-heading, Texas standoff is emblematic of the nation’s growing anti-government sovereign movement, is an example of the anger and discontent with the way this nation is governed and where it’s heading.  I feel much of this anger stems from the recent bank bailouts and housing crisis, all caused by loose monetary policies of the FED.  I believe the most middle-class citizens are tired of being, well, in the middle, and having to support the poor, while watching the rich get richer and their paychecks get smaller.  Those banks that were “too big to fail” should have failed.  Too many Peters paid too few powerful Paul’s and quite frankly, the Fat Cats on Wall Street are still doing it.  They can do just about anything knowing that poor taxpayers will bail them out.  Can you blame people for being angry?

Again, the only way that we are going to get this ship back on course is to abolish the FED!  Until that happens, more and more folks are going off the grid, heading for the hills and defying their government!  What are your thoughts on the “Sovereign Movement?”  Do you believe that citizens have the right to defy the laws of the United States?  Should they be brought to justice?  Interesting topic for discussion.  Let me hear from you!!!

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