The Fleecing of America!!

The above link is an interesting, but involved story on how the banking industry has robbed many Americans of their life’s dreams.  I wonder how many other folks are facing the same hardships as the person in this story?  Please take a look and if you are not in the same boat – count your blessings, because many Americans are suffering while the banksters rake in the properties & profits!

A related story . . . I had a conversation with one of my in-laws on Easter Sunday and we talked about the FED and banking industry.  The more we discussed how the FED and the Wall Street Banks made out like bandits, the more angry we got.  My relative talked about planning to pay his house mortgage off in 10 years and worked his ass off in overtime and late night hours to accomplish this goal, but when the housing market went bust, the value of his house plummeted and he lost all the money he put down to pay off his mortgage.  He worked hard for nothing or said another way, he worked hard for the bank’s benefit!! Has this happened to you?

I do not understand why Americans sit back and let the banksters stick it to them.  They are blind to the fact that all the “loose” money provided by the FED to the housing industry caused inflated prices – then at the right time they bust the market, the economy goes into a tailspin and “We the People” are left holding the bag i.e. lose jobs and foreclosed on!  Is this the American Dream?  This ramping up the economy and then breaking it downis an easy way for banksters to gain property without spending one dime on it.  Wake up American!!  You are being robbed/fleeced right before your eyes!

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