The FED’s Ongoing Legacy . .

I read an article concerning the housing market.  As most of you know, the housing market has been in a deep stupor since 2008.  Now it seems that we are going into a second phrase of housing foreclosures and this time around it’s going to be a lot worst then in previous months.

What upsets me about the above is the FED is the main cause of our economy hitting the skids.  If the FED and its “loose” monetary policies hadn’t inflated the housing market, we would be in much better shape today.  You see, this really causes tears of anger to well up in my eyes!  When I think how banks (supported by the FED) lend out money they create out of nothing, then charge interest on that loan and when the homeowner can’t pay his mortgage due to financial hardships caused by the FED and banks in the first place, then foreclose on the property, well, it makes my face turn red!  This is how banks make tons of money by foreclosing on loans made out of thin air and then acquire hard assets made from the money they created out of that thin air!!  It’s goes something like this:  bank lends out easy FED money created out nothing to prospective homeowners, the economy tanks due to poor monetary & business policies by the FED and the banks, the homeowner can’t pay on his mortgage due to the poor economy, the bank forecloses and takes the property back as a hard asset.  BINGO!!  You see folks, the banks take your property back without ever earning one dollar of what it took to loan that money or purchase that property!!  The banks acquire property off your hard labor!  Plain and simple!!  The FED and its member banks are skrewing us big time.  It’s a win-win situation for them, while “We the People” suffer!!  Sad, but true, we work for the bankers!  We are slaves to the bankers!

The FED’s Ongoing Legacy is a testament to misery and human suffering since its inception in 1913.  Look at all the economic turmoil and wars we have endured in the last 100 years.  Do you think we would have all of these problems we are facing today if Congress didn’t have its own bank to go to for free money??  The Federal Reserve = The Bank of Congress.  With the stroke of a computer key, they have stolen millions of dollars from our collective pockets without us ever knowing their evil doings.   This fake paper money system will be the downfall of this great nation.  Our Founding Fathers warned us about the private bankers turning us into indentured servants.  We have let it happen.


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