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Like Tenticles . . . Control of the World!!

Like Tenticles . . . Control of the World!!







Welcome to the 1st Edition of the DDD Club Newsletter.  What you are reading is the most important newsletter you will ever read.  Forget about what you are hearing in the mainstream media.  The U.S. Economy and Dollar are not doing well.  If you want to become informed about what is actually happening in the United States and worldwide and want to protect yourself, your family and ultimately your assets, than READ ON!!


The DDD Club and Newsletter promises to bring you up to minute information and “behind the scenes” happenings in the world of finance to help you become more informed and prepare you for the dollar’s demise. 


With almost 18 trillion in National Debt and with trillions in unfunded liabilities, the handwriting is on the wall that the United States of America is about to become subservient to powerful forces in the world.  Russia and China are implementing monetary policies to destroy the U.S. Dollar as the world’s currency.  Also, as an indication of things to come, several States are taking action to covert dollars into precious metals.  It’s just a matter of time before these foreign country’s financial policies affect your bottom line and wallet. 


WHAT CAN YOU DO?  First and foremost, you need to become informed.  The DDD Club Newsletter is the first step in helping you glean financial information to stay ahead of the curve to protect your assets from the inevitable downfall of the U.S. Dollar.


Real Money produced by the Federal Reserve . . . Good as Gold!! . . . APRIL FOOLS!!

Real Money produced by the Federal Reserve . . . Good as Gold!! . . . APRIL FOOLS!!



        How do you join the DDD Club and receive your monthly Newsletter?




Send $36 payment to c/o –


JP McCarthy, 80 Ocean Palm Villa South, Flagler Beach, FL  32136


What you recived with your membership to the DDD Club:


1.  12 e- copies of the DDD Club Newsletter, with hard hitting facts about the current Dollar’s Demise  (only $3/month to protect your assets!!)

2.  FREE e-copy of JP McCarthy’s factual book on the Federal Reserve, THE MONEY SPIDERS, the Ruin-Nation of the United States by the Federal Reserve – a $19.95 value – a must read for anyone who wants to understand where all this debt came from and why this country is heading straight into the abyss - never to return!!

3.  Discounts and Special Offers to Owning Precious Metals, Gold & Silver  ( real money that you need to have to counter inflation and the destruction of the dollar)


**Remember, the DDD Club keeps you abreast on what is really happening on the world scene and how you can protect your money from the coming financial firestorm.  Don’t get caught in the ashes!!  Become informed not only to protect yourself, but also your loved ones.  No doubt, the dollar is about to fail.  Are you ready??  Join The DDD Club and protect your assets NOW!!


Monopoly Board

Monopoly Board


Disclaimer:  JP McCarthy is not a financial adviser and is only offering advice as a service to protect fellow Americans from the downfall of the U.S. Dollar.  He strongly recommends to do your on “due dilgence” to determine on your own the factors facing the U.S economy and the destruction of the dollar and then act accordingly.













































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