The British Are Coming . . .!!

Some historians believe that the Revolutionay War was instigated by King George at the behest of the Bank of England.  Back in those days, the Brits had a huge empire to take care of and needed more fiat moola to run it.  They turned to the Colonies and started to tax the hell out of them.  Where do you think all of this tax money went?  Right into the coffers of the Bank of England, run by the banking giants, the Rothschilds.  You see banksters make lots of money when countries go to war.  Countries need to finance their war and the banksters are more then ready to “lend a hand.”  I often wonder if we didn’t have the Federal Reserve whether we would have had WW I & II?  By having an unlimited supply of fiat money provided by the FED, the U.S. can wage war anytime, anywhere they want.  Take the easy money away and these politicians/banksters could not fund these wars  i.e. Bush Jr., Cheney and the Iraqi War.  Now we have a National Debt that speaks directly to our warmongering!!

I recently saw the movie, The Patriot, starring, Mel Gibson.  There’s a scene in the movie where the bad-ass Colonel is called to meet with Cornwallis. The good General tells his ambitious Colonel to tone things down, that, “we have to do commerce with these people” – thinking when the war is over, the Motherland wants to do business with these rebel Colonies.  I believe the Bank of England wanted the war with the Colonies to plunder and suck the wealth out of the fledgling United States.  To this day, I believe the Bank of England and our Federal Reserve have done a good job in destorying our individual freedoms, while the powerful few profit.

Every central bank on earth who follows the structure of the Bank of England, including our FED, and produces fake money are basically in a banking cartel determined to take over the World!!  Are “We the People” going to let it happen??  Europe is falling now!  Is the United States next?

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One comment on “The British Are Coming . . .!!
  1. Trish says:

    The USA IS next!

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