The main reason this site (blog) exists is for the dissemination and exchange of knowledge and information between my fellow Americans on the illicit and unconstitutional Federal Reserve Banking System, aka, The FED.  Also, as a place to share information, pro and con about the FED. Although this an anti-FED site, I encourage opposite views. Would love to hear from folks who think the FED is helping the United States succeed as a sovereign nation. Throughout this Blog, I will be doing short articles about the History of Money in the United States. I firmly believe that in order to understand what the FED has done to this country, you need to take a trip back in time and understand where this animal originated. A National Central Bank is not a new concept, but one that has been used to the detriment of the working class throughout our history. I ask, why do we allow “connected” bankers to operate our money supply?  Isn’t like having a fox guard the hen house?  You will see this question again!  You provide your own answer. If you want to take a trip inside the belly of the “Beast” and learn how you are “marked,” your money controlled and used against you by the powerful few, then read on. It is my sincere hope that people who come to this site will leave with a better understanding on what makes the FED tick and how their monetary policies are destroying you, this country and the American dream!!  Furthermore, I hope you say enough is enough and start doing something about it!

tidbit:  did you know that FED is not a federal agency, but a private banking corporation that is part of a world banking cartel?

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