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The Money Spiders

I finally started to put my thoughts into book form. The book, entitled, THE MONEY SPIDERS, The Ruin-NATION the United States by the Federal Reserve, will be on the streets this summer. It will be published by ClearViewPressinc out of Palm Coast, FL.

What follows is a Table of Content to whet your appetite  Know that this book will be factual, hard-hitting and a simple approach to understanding our money and what the FED has done to it.  Recommended reading for all Americans who are interested in saving this great country from the leeches and powerful few!!

Table of Content

  1. In the Beginning . . . the Money Changers
  2. Birth of a Nation . . . the Debt Game Begins
  3. Jack, Abe & James
  4. 1913, The Beast Appears and Needs to be FED!
  5. Current Money Scheme . . . 2008 Bust
  6. What We Can Do or Is It To Late?
  7. Final Words
  8. Selected Readings
  9. Bibilography
  10. Index

Don’t miss this book.  It will give you all the information needed to understand WHY the FED needs to be abolished.  You need to share this important information with your family and friends. If “We the People” don’t take back this country from the the connected banksters, then we deserve what we get!! This book might be the most important book you will ever read in a lifetime. DON’T MISS IT!!

Price: $14.95


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