Pray for Deliverance . . . !!

Here’s another example of how politicians collude with bankers. This illicit relationship needs to stop! Write your Congress man or women and ask for deliverance from this corrupt association between the rich and our politicians (a Plutocracy).

On a lighter note, I attended the recent Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference in Washington DC and came away with a differenct prospective. I met a lot of interesting people who helped me in my assessment of my life and the money situation facing this great country. Yes, we need to take down the Money Power, but we also, as Americans, need to recognize the Divine Providence that helped formed this great country through our Founding Fathers. His Word, The Book, The Bible, helped to establish this great nation and we need to pray to Him again. There’s evil that wants to destroy it. Say a prayer and ask God  to help us “right the ship” and bring us back from the wilderness.

My book, THE MONEY SPIDERS, is just about ready to go into production. Still shooting for an Aug 1 publication date. God willing, it should hit the streets around that time. Stay tuned!!

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