Pondering a Financial Meltdown??

I was out and about today in my “End the FED” t-shirt and had several people come up to me supporting the cause.  To me, it shows more and more Americans are becoming in tune with the evils of our central bank.  I had one gentleman say he’s ready for a gigantic financial meltdown in this country either this year or next because of our 16 trillion National Debt and the falling dollar.  I ask him how he’s preparing himself for this cataclysmic event?  Let’s just say, he rattled off several descriptions of the weapons he owned and threaten if anyone tried to take what was his they would be “one helluva of fight.”   I do hope this upcoming financial chaos doesn’t end up in a gun battle, but if our financial system fails across the board, LOOK OUT!! . . . there could be some tough times ahead for people who haven’t prepared for the envitable.  Something has gotta give and from what I see, the United States is heading into a financial firestorm that eyes have not seen.  When it will happen?  Your guess is just as good as mine.

Any thoughts on this subject?  How many of you feel that we are heading for a financial meltdown.  More importantly, how many of you have prepared or are preparing?

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