OBAMA: “We Don’t Need Another War!!”

Really??  Is this the only words Obama can say to the problems occuring in Ukraine?  YES, we don’t need another war!  We cannot afford another war costing lives and money!   This country is not only weak diplomatically because of Obama,  but does not have the money to support another war.  Russia and the Chinese know this and are exploiting Obama’s “re-set” diplomacy (which hasn’t worked) and our weariness to go to war.

Remember folks, the banksters love wars.  They are the ones who profit from conflict.  The Rothschild brothers proved that in the 1800′s!!  The banksters are all waiting in the wings and licking their chops as Russia and Urkaine prepare to confront each other.  I wonder who’s really pulling the strings?  If this world dealt in honest money instead of fake Monopoly money, we would not have these outbreaks of conflict throughout the world.  Honest money makes it difficult to fund wars.  But the banksters continue to print their worthless paper money and politicians continue to send young men and women off to war.

In my humble opinion, the US and the European Union are the ones who are causing the problems in the Ukraine, supported by international banksters.  If you really take a deep look at the players, you will see that the Ukraine/Crimea are both important to the Russians and Europe.  Most of the natural gas lines to Europe go through the Ukraine and Crimea.  Crimea has the only  fair-weather port in the area.  If the EU can control Ukraine, they would control the natural gas lines and keep Russia in check.  Russia “invaded” Crimea to protect its interests.  What you don’t know is that the US and the EU were convertly in the Ukraine many months before stirring up the pot to get Ukraine to join the EU.  So who invaded who?  The major media will not tell you this and portray Russia and Putin as the aggressor.

Every day there seems to be an uptick in the conflict in Ukraine.  The conflict is not what you think it is.  It goes a lot deeper than CNN.  Where does it end?  Follow the money . . .

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