More Deceit . . . ??

Here we go again.  Please read the above link.  The government wants to give you back more of a tax refund!  What?  Come again?  Your government wants YOU to give them more money so they can use it for their own gain.  Give me, Give me, Give me, Money, Money, Money and more Money!!  I’m sure the FED had something to do with this crazy notion.  Why would anyone want to give the government more of a their hard-earned money and not take that money and make interest for themselves?  Do you see the fallacy in this BS?  What should happen if a taxpayer wants to withhold more money out of his check is to let Uncle Sam pay him the interest earned.  I feel that this is just another ploy of the government, IRS and the FED wanting more of your money for nothing.  It only benefits them in the long run.  IMHO, the less money you “give” the more you can keep.  Anyone think differently?

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