The Ultimate Solution to this country’s problems is what I call the 3 F’s: Faith, Family and Freedom. Our Founding Fathers expounded on the 3 F’s when this country was created. Go back and look at the discussions and writings of our early politicians. They knew that if the 3 F’s were not practiced, cultivated and cherished, this country would not prosper or survive. Now jump ahead 236 years - what is this country missing? Why is the moral and spirtual compass of this great nation at a low ebb? If “We the People” do not return to the 3 F’s, in my opinion, this experiment in self-rule and individual freedom will only be a footnote in history.

Taking out the Money Power in this country is only a small part of returning this great nation to glory. As people, we need to come together and get over our differences and look to each other as Americans. This country is divided and if we ever want to retore the United States of America as a beacon of freedom, then we need to come together and start practicing the 3 F’s, as our Founding Fathers intended.




“I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply.”

-Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild, Bank of England

First and foremost, this is not your typical right-wing, radical, conspiracy site. I DO NOT advocate the overthrow of the United States government. Like most of you, I lead a simple life, have worked hard and paid my dues, but like you, I’m FED up (pun intended) with the way our government does business with its citizens. More importantly, I’m tired of the Federal Reserve and its ruination of our economy. Furthermore, they have assaulted the U.S. Constitution and have destroyed the freedoms our Founding Fathers lived and died for!!

The above quote by Nathan Rothschild relates directly to what is happening NOW to this country at the hands of the Federal Reserve. Rothschild said this during the Napoleon Wars in the early 1800′s. Nothing has changed in over two hundred years!! That same quote could be said by the Federal Reserve today with a few modifications: 

We care not what President is placed in office.  The institution that controls the United States’ money supply controls the nation.  And we control the money supply.


” Nothing will change, I mean NOTHING until “We the People” take back this country and abolish the Federal Reserve.  This country needs to start “creating” its own money and stop “borrowing” money from private bankers.”

Jim McCarthy, THE MONEY SPIDERS . . . The Ruin-NATION of the United States by the Federal Reserve


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Make sure you take a look at my new book, THE MONEY SPIDERS, due out this August. The book will be a basic primer on the workings of our central bank, the Federal Reserve and what we can do to abolish it!!  Don’t miss reading this book – it may be the most important book you will ever read in your lifetime.



THE MONEY SPIDERS, the Ruin-NATION of the United States by the Federal Reserve














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  1. jmccarthy says:

    I appreciate your interest and comment. I have a passion in “getting the word ” out and hoping more of “We the People” get the message on how the FED is ruining this country. Please spread the word!!!!

  2. Patricia says:

    I agree with samsung. The topic sounds boring at first blush, but the ramifications if what the Fed is doing should give all of us pause.

  3. Graham Jenderer says:

    Well I truly liked reading it. This information offered by you is very useful for correct planning.

  4. Sallee MacMeekin says:

    This is really interesting! I don’t think you’ve considered the human factor, but still a good post.

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