IMF (International Money Fund) expects Europe to Go into Recession this Year

In attempting to keep up with the latest news, USA TODAY reported in their 1/25 issue, in the Money Section, that the the IMF (International Money Fund) expects Europe to Go into Recession this Year (headline).  Since our illustrious FED directly or indirectly contributes to the IMF (run by international bankers) it was interesting to read that the IMF is urging world leaders to focus on growth more  than budget cuts.  To me, and correct me if I’m wrong, “growth” means more spending  i.e. taking their worthless fiat money and putting  the people into more debt.  The article goes on to say, ” It may take two decades or longer to pay off the debts accumulated during the 2008 financial crisis and global recession.”  Furthermore, the article says, ” . . . that it took that long to pay off the debts Europe ran up during World War II.”

My take on the above is that these  international bankers (including our FED) speak out of both sides of their mouths . . . spend more to grow and increase what you owe us, but watch out . . . the debt will take time to pay off.  What a racket, folks!!  Throughout history, bankers have played both sides of the coin to their betterment at the expense of the people.  They say one thing to appease and go behind their vaults and conspire against us. When is it going to stop?  Is a New World Order (NWO) just around the corner, instigated by these international bankers??  Food for thought!!!!!

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