Happy April Fool’s Day!!

How appropiate that we have April Fool’s Day!!  I believe the Federal Reserve created this day as a celebration of “fooling” the American people for almost 100 years.  If all Americans knew of the lies and deceit fostered on us by the FED since 1913, I honestly believe these folks would revolt against this fraudulent money system.  From the beginning, when the “connected” bankers and politicians formulated the Federal Reserve, it has done nothing but cause misery and economic turmoil.  YES, all of this “free” money has created lifestyles that other people envy, but at a horrible expense. This scenario will continue until “We the People” take back the control of OUR MONEY from the private banker operated FED.  Simply stated, we need to CREATE and not BORROW our money!!

As always, your comments appreciated!!

Real Money produced by the Federal Reserve . . . Good as Gold!! . . . APRIL FOOLS!!




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