FED Facts, Frauds and Other Factoids

This page is dedicated to little known FACTS and FRAUDS about our illustrious central bank.  Occasionally, I will throw in a little known “factoid” about the history of money to stimulate the senses and move the mind.  Ever since its inception in 1913, the Federal Reserve Banking System has been defrauding the citizens of the United States.  I will attempt to give you a weekly tasty “tid-bit” to raise the hair on your head or at least make you think!!  How in George Washington’s name can this happen in a country that is suppose to protect individual freedom?  Please, if you come across your own facts, frauds, and factoids, feel free to add them!  Comments are always welcomed!

1.  Over 100 years ago (November, 1912),  seven “well-connected” men met secretly on Jekyll Island, GA and hatched out the beginnings of the Federal Reserve. (read G. Edward Griffin’s book, The Creature from Jekyll Island. – also see blog dated 2/28/2012

2.  FED FACT:  the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 came into law on December 22, 1913, just as Congress was preoccupied with departure for the Christmas recess and in no mood for debate.  Sound familiar?

3.  Did you know that our Founding Fathers knew of the evils of central banking and that the root cause of the American Revolution, according to Ben Franklin, was the Bank of England wanting to impose taxes on the colonies to pay for England’s expanding empire and wars.  Can one say the English banksters caused the American Revolution?

4.  The first central bank in the United States was chartered by the Continental Congress in 1781 known as the First Bank of North America.  It failed miserably, losing its charter in 1784.  The reason:  printing too much money and causing inflation.

5.  The fledgling United States again flirted with installing a central bank with much discussion and discourse, ultimately ending with the The First Bank of America chartered in 1791.  This charter would last until 1811 when it was defeated by one vote.

6.  Did you know that notched wooden sticks were used as money back in the good ole days.  They were called Talleysticks and were used very efficiently and effectively in the exchange of goods and services from around 450 AD to 1100 AD.  Look it up!  Very interesting pieces of wood and history!!

7.  If James Monroe is known as the Father of the Constitution, then Alexander Hamilton should be the Father of Capitalism.  Hamilton was the First Secretary of the Treasury of the United States and the lead proponent for the First Bank of the United States (1791-1811).

8.  When the First Bank of the United States came up for its charter in 1811, the motion was defeated by one vote.  One year later the War of 1812 started with England.  Some historians have said the Mayer Rothschild from the Bank of England instigated the War.     Personal Note:  just shows when disgruntled bankers don’t get their way, they resort to causing war. They’ll make their money anyway they can!!

9.  After the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the United States immediately got into the War that was to End all Wars.  I wonder why?  The first “money” crisis happened in 1920-21 when the bankers, led by the FED, constricted the money supply on farmers leading to a depression and its been down hill ever since!!!  Next, the Roaring Twenties.  Guess who caused that?

10.  The first U.S.Mint (1792), under the direction of Congress, as stated in the Constitution, coined United States Silver Dollars based on the weight and measure of the Spanish Reale Silver Dollar.  The Reale had exactly 371.25 grains of pure silver.  Real money with Real value!!

11.  Yesterday (3-15) marked the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 B.C. at the hands of Brutus & Cassius.  Why is this important?  Some historians feel that Caesar was murdered by the “money changers” for coining his own government money and limiting their profits.   The fact is that Rome prospered under Caesar’s money and went down the tubes when the money changers took control.

12.  Needing money to fund the war with the South in 1861, Lincoln had the U.S. government prints its own money in the form of Greenbacks.  This money did well as a circulating medium and upset the private bankers debt-money system.  Many historians point out the fact that President Lincoln had to fight two battle fronts, one with the New York bankers and the other with the South.

13.  Did you know that when the FED was conceived on Jekyll Island in 1910, the “powers-to-be” made sure they would promote it as being “decentralized” with 12 distinct regions (Federal Reserve Banks), but truth of matter, the power would remain with the New York Branch (Wall Street Bankers) and till this day this NY FED bank controls the Federal Reserve Banking System and the United States.

14.  In 1933, FDR (Franklin D. Roosevelt), President of the United States, confiscated all of the people’s gold and gave them $20/oz back in worthless paper (Federal Reserve Note) – then 2 weeks later he raised the value of an ounce of gold to $35/oz – practically over night, American people lost “real money,” while the FED made 75% profit in paper – talk about cheating “We the People!!”

15.  In 1933, the United States declared bankruptcy (Chapter 11) and became insolvent and beholding to the international banking cartel, which our Federal Reserve is a member.  Every dollar in circulation is debt created by U.S. Treasury instruments purchased by the FED with money they create out of nothing and charge us interest on!!  Evil! Evil! Evil!

16.  Did you know that the FED is a foreign corporation and does not pay any federal income taxes!!

17.  The first “bankers” were the goldsmith’s of the 15-16th century.  They took in the people’s gold and stored it in their vaults for a fee and in return the customer was given a “receipt.”



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2 comments on “FED Facts, Frauds and Other Factoids
  1. Rebel Rouser says:

    Thanks for the interesting rundown on the origins of the life-sucking, scumbag Federal Reserve! The puppet master/FED manipulates wars, recessions/depressions, inflation and other socio/economic strongholds over the working man!! A small group ruling over the majority!!! It’s sites like this one that has a trickle-out effect. Knowledge is power. Thanks for sharing yours. Keep up the good work. RR

  2. jmccarthy says:

    Thanks for your hard-hitting remarks!! People like you will spread the word and maybe put an end to the deceit and corruption!!!

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