There have been several Presidents of the United States who have been assassinated/ attempted assassination who have spoken out against the bankers and the Money Trusts.  Nothing points to the bankers, but it does make for interesting fodder.  Andrew Jackson almost had his life wiped out when he opposed the charter of the 2nd Bank of the United States in 1834.  Lincoln, knew of the evils of private debt banking and created the government’s own money in the form of Greenbacks.  We all know what happened to Lincoln. And then there was James Garfield  (20th President of the U.S.), who was assassinated in 1881, two weeks after coming out against the bankers.  It’s a known fact that President John F. Kennedy wanted to remove our troops from Vietnam and abolish the Federal Reserve in May, 1963 – 5 months later he was taken out in Dallas.  Look up Executive Order 11110.  Kennedy already had plans of creating debt-free government money and NOT debt-ridden Federal Reserve notes.  All coincidental or . . . ?   Know that the “Money Trusts” are powerful and can do just about anything they want to further their agenda.  Your thoughts?

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