Excerpts from the MONEY SPIDERS

I plan to start doing excerpts from my new book: THE MONEY SPIDERS, the Ruin-NATION of the United States by the Federal Reserve. Today is the first installment. I will try to do one installment per day until the book is published. The book is presently at the publisher for finishing touches and will ship out to the printer this week. I’m very excited about this book and its message. All Americans should read this book. It doesnt matter if you are Dem, Repub, Indie, Libertarian or whatever – this book’s message will give you the information to decide whether the Federal Reserve is working for the people or against us.

#1 – Excerpt from THE MONEY SPIDERS


What follows is a brieft history of money and a legal case against the Federal Reserve Banking system. When all is said and done, I pose a question as to whether our central bank, the FED, is a viable institution or a hindrance to the sovereignty and goodness of the United States. At times my anger towards our banking system shows knowing what has occurred to this great nation since the inception of the Federal Reserve in 1913. As you will see, I feel my rants and rage against the Fed are justified.


Come back often for updates and more excerpts from THE MONEY SPIDERS


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