Entitlements Love the FED

It occured to me that the United States is moving more towards a Statist type of governing where the “STATE”, meaning the Federal government, takes care of the people’s needs for the “good of the people.”  Some call this socialism or collectivism. This is not the way our Founding Fathers wanted or envisioned.  The United States was founded and built on the principles of individual freedom.  The Federal government according to the U.S. Constitution had limited powers, mainly the control of commerce and for protection from foreign enemies.  To me, it seems that Uncle Sam is doing to much “messing around” with State Rights and trampling on the Constitution.  One example is this Federal mandate for across the board medical insurance for all Americans.  YES, it’s a noble idea, but IMHO, it forces the states to comply with a federal edict that goes against everything the Constitution stands for! – plus once you get the government involved, LOOK OUT!! – the bureaucracy will be stifling and wasteful!!  Let the states determine what is the best for its people.

Which begs the question, if we didn’t have all of this fake money floating around (trillions) and had gold and silver backing our money instead, we would not have all of these politicians clamoring for programs for this and that i.e. pork on top of pork programs – WHY? – they couldn’t go to the FED and ask for it because the FED couldn’t produce the money unless it was backed by an equal amount of gold and silver.  You see, the welfare/entitlement state thrives on our fake paper money system.  Since it’s an never-ending flow of fake money, these crooked, power- hungry politicians can pass legislation that supports all of these entitlement programs.  A Gold Standard would limit the amount of money Congress could spend on programs and stop the bottomless pit that now exists.

Of course, the above is an oversimplified, but you get the idea.  The Federal Reserve is basically the “Bank of Congress” and anytime they want money for their pet projects, the FED provides an open spigot.  Why do you think we are heading towards hyper-inflation and a 16 trillion in debt?  Abolish the FED and watch how fast our fiscal house comes together.  Again, nothing will change until we remove the FED from the equation!!



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