Dubious Dirty Debt . . .

The 3 D’s . . . Dubious, Dirty, Debt!!  What most Americans don’t realize is we will never be able to pay off the National Debt no matter what politicians tells you.  Every dollar in circulation is Debt money.  Money created of nothing and loaned out by banks that charge interest.  In order to rid of the National Debt we need to eliminate debt money.  Until that happens we will be in debt eternally to the private banksters.

“Our monetary system guarantees that debt must increase regardless of what people, business, or governments do or do not do, whether or not they balance their budgets.”

-Richard Walbaum, The Poverty Trap, 1992

“If you are serious about paying down the Debt, you must first get rid of debt money. Only after that change can we have serious discussion.  Also, after that change, our National Debt will end itself – without pain and suffering.”

-Michael Kirchubel, Vile Acts of Evil, Volume 1, Banking in America, 2009

“We the People” need to take the control of our money supply away from the private banksters and start creating our own money and stop borrowing it!!  If we don’t do the above we are doomed to live like slaves to the special interest and powerful few!!  Time is running out folks.  Wake up before it’s too late!!


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