BENGHAZI . . . Lies, Lies and More Lies!!!

When are the American People going to stand up for justice?  There has been an obvious cover-up to the events that took place in Bengahzi almost 2 year ago.  4 Americans were murdered on that day and no one seems to want to tell the truth about what happened.  Don’t depend on the mainstream media – they are in bed with the Obama Administration and the Clintons.  Hillary Clinton & Obama should be taken to court and persecuted to the highest extent of the law for lying to the American People. This is serious business and none of the major TV networks are covering this story.  “We the People” are again being bambozzled and led around by our noses.  If you let this pass, then you are just as guilty as the people who caused the death of those 4 Americans.  Get on the phone to your Congressperson and demand an accounting of what happened in Benghazi NOW!!

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