Benghazi Cover-Up . . . Do You Care??

Does anyone care what happened in Benghazi?  In recent days e-mails have been reported which shows that the Obama Administration purposefully covered up the facts and mis-led the American People.  Remember that Obama was involved with his re-election and 2 weeks before the Benghazi incident he told the American People that “al-Qaeda was on the run.  BS!!  Lies, lies and more lies!!  To add insult to injury, the major press is surpressing the truth.  Folks, we are being hoodwinked by a government and press who don’t want to tell the truth and avoid the trutho their benefit.  Obama and Clinton should be held responsible and prosecuted to the highest extent of the law for what happened in Benghazi and the subsequent cover-up.  Every freedom-loving American should demand the truth!!  Four Americans died that day.  What are you doing about it??  If you do nothing, then you are just as guilty as the perps!!

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