Banksters Manipulating Gold Market

The above article clearly shows the manipulation and deceit that is rampant in the Gold Market.  The international banksters manipulate the price to their benefit to keep their fake paper money from sinking.  It’s all a shell game with YOU being the low man on the totem pole.

As the article points out, the banks in England and some in Europe don’t have the physical gold on hand to pay out to their customers.  Moral:  you better have the physical yellow metal on hand and NOT just a piece of paper.  The banks have been playing this corrupt game since the middle-ages when the Goldsmiths would give out pieces of paper for “credit” when someone stored gold in their vaults.  That is OK if you have the physical gold in your vault to cover, but when you lend out more then you have, the customer gets the short end of the stick.  Then we have a run on the bank and the bank fails.  Sound familiar??  This is starting to happen around the world.  Unfortunately, this game goes on and “We the People” allow it happen!!  I guess we deserve what we get – Right?


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