Are We Free??

Do we live in a “free” country?  With the current deceit and corruption going on at high levels of our government with the blatant invasion of our privacy, where does the word free come into play.   We have a powerful, unconstitutional institution known as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) overstepping its bounds.  This is an insult to every freedom-loving American!!

We don’t live in a Republic where individual rights trumps government control.  It’s now the opposite.  This latest IRS power grab is just one example of how our government (led by Obama) has usurped the Constitution and continues to attack our freedoms.

We don’t live in a Republic.  It’s is now an Oligarchy/Plutocracy operated by the moneyed powered elite who make us slaves for their benefit and profit.  If you don’t believe me, take a look at the balance sheets of the 5 largest banks on Wall Street.  They are again swimming in a cesspool of dirty, corrupt money and ready to again put the screws on the American People.  It’s just a matter of time.

What can “We the People” do about it?  First and foremost, GET EDUCATED!!  Until we say “enough is enough”, the status quo will remain supreme!!  We need to rise up and defeat the social-collectivism of the New World Order agenda.  If not, we will continue to be slaves to the moneyed power elites.  Freedom or Slavery?  What would you rather have?

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One comment on “Are We Free??
  1. ddonut says:

    I was listening to Glen Beck today, and I believe he is launching a new effort teaming up with Freedom Works.

    This effort from my understanding will be to educate Americans in regard to their rights and Civil Liberties and how to stand up for them peacefully.

    The short answer is our collective rights and libiteries from drones, cameras, and simple freedom of speech are being challenged daily.

    If you hear any more on this subject please keep the readership informed. As the subject ties in directly with the Federal Reserve and the illiciet money it funnels through Wall Street.



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