Agree to Disagree!!

Someone at the Mall today saw my “End the Fed” t-shirt and tried to tell me all of the wonderful things the FED has done over the last 100 years.  I guessed right off the bat that the person was involved with finances, maybe, a banker or investment agent.  He stated that if wasn’t for the Federal Reserve we would not have the standard of living that we have today in the United States.  Really??  He went further and explained all of the wonderful inventions/technology was due to the money provided by the FED.  I must say that since the FED’s birth in 1913, there have been a multitude of neat inventions and technology from the phonograph record players, digital TV’s to the latest IPOD and lots in between.  Fantastic, but at what cost!  The U.S. dollar has lost over 95% of its value since the beginning of the Federal Reserve.  Inflation has not only eaten up the purchasing power of our dollar, but has put the middle class behind the 8-ball with a perpetual hidden tax.  UGH!!  My retort to the above gentleman was to say that we could have done the same things, but with honest money and not the fake, flimsy paper money that we have to borrow from private bankers, putting this nation into debt that we can never pay back!  We smiled and agreed to disagree.  Unfortunately, many Americans feel that we cannot live without the Federal Reserve.  Well, they are dead wrong!!  Give me back my gold and silver coins.  Let’s have a honest money system, instead of a bunch of connected private bankers dictating our money supply!!

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