Ages of Deceit . . . Snaking Around

Came across this little ditty and wanted to share:

Money-makers and their schemes,  Ages of deceit and dirty themes, Granite columns built just right, White and solid hiding fright, Enriching themselves behind closed doors, Printing paper to make us poor.

Actually, I composed this poem as in introduction to a book I’m doing on the Federal Reserve, entitlted,  Snaking Around, The Ruin-NATION of the United States by the Federal Reserve.  The book is still in the process of being re-organized and written.  It seems, the more I delve into the workings of the FED and our money system, the more I find and the angrier I get.  If the American people would just wake up to what is front of their eyes and start demanding change, not only in our money system, but in our politics, we will save this great country from the clutches of evil and the powerful few.

President Andrew Jackson in the early 1830′s knew of the evils of central banking and went head to head with Nicholas Biddle, the head banker of the 2nd Bank of the United States.  Lucky for the people, Jackson defeated the bank’s attempts to renewel its charter.  This battle between private bankers controlling our money supply and the people’s right to control their money has been a cauldron burning since the birth of this nation.  Thomas Jefferson riled against the bankers.  In only recent times have the people started to wake up to the control, deceit and corruption coming from our politicians and their collusion with the private bankers and corporations.  President Jackson, I wish you were here today . . . we need your help!!!!

“… you are a den of vipers and theives.  I intend to rout you out, and by the grace of the Enternal God, will rout you out.”       -Andrew Jackson, President of the U.S. , 1834

The above represents what we are facing today.   The FED is just a small head of the Beast that is taking over this nation and the world.  If you understand their agenda, you will realize why they are breaking us down financially.  Once they have total control over our money system, they have the power to do anything to us!!






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