Like the Federal Reserve’s beginnings in 1913, the IRS came on board the next year and like the FED, the IRS is just as corrupt and deceitful as the Federal Reserve and needs to take a hike.  The Progressives in 1913, led by President Woodrow Wilson, had a field day instituting the systematic destruction of our individual freedom and it’s been going on for almost 100 years!!  The IRS is a ridiculous agency the also needs to be abolished!!

Like the Federal Reserve, the IRS is unconstitutional and a menace in the lives of Americans.  I’ve been told that the IRS is basically a “collection agency” for the FED.  Just like our Federal government, the IRS has gotten too large, too powerful and a symbol of an entity gone mad!!

In light of the ongoing IRS Scandal, write your Congressman/woman and demand the abolishment of both the FED and the IRS.  When you are doing that sign the CITIZENS PETITION on this site to Abolish & Audit the Federal Reserve.  It’s your country – DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!

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