21.99% Interest & HyperInflation!!

I just returned from the local national hardware store (Home Depot).  I have a credit card with them and use it mainly for convenience.  I’m one who pays his credit card account off monthly, so not to incur an interest charge.  I started a conversation with the sales person and we talked about interest rates on credit cards.  Both of us agreed that it’s highway robbery the way that banks can charge 21.99% interest on unpaid credit balances in this down economy.  Our whole banking system needs to be re-organized, starting with the abolishment of the Federal Reserve.  Why do these banks make money off us by charging 21.99% interest?  First of all, they create money out of nothing, loan it out and charge us interest on money they never owned!!


The above news release is interesting story.  I’m not a big fan of “The Donald,” but he’s entertaining at times and does have experience in business related matters.  Personally, I feel that they are correct in saying that we are heading for a major financial breakdown in our fake, fiat money system, not only in the United States, but worldwide as well.  Hyperinflation is just around the corner.  Everytime I go to  the grocery store, I’m shocked at the rise in prices.  Gas just went up 7-10 cents in my town.  Last week it was $3.69/gal.  It jumper to $3.79/gal!  I predict $4.00/gal by Memorial Day.  I feel that the price in food and gas is a reflection on the debasement of our dollar caused by the FED flooding the markets with inflationary dollars.  When the FED feeds the economy with trillions of paper dollars, the prices of goods and services, by natural law, has to go up and up!  We are seeing this across the board and will only get worse.  A financial firestorm is heading this way!!  Are you prepared?  I would like to hear your thoughts about this.  What are you doing about the inflation that is heading this way?


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