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PLAYING WITH FIRE . . . QE3!! Please read the above link.  Bankster Bernanke is playing with fire and WE are going to get burned big-time!!  When will it stop?  Can you spell HYPERINFLATION!!

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Everything you wanted to know about the Federal Reserve that you were afraid to ask! Please read the below link and pass it on to anyone you feel is a freedom-loving American.  The FED is the most heinous institution every

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GUN CONTROL: Feds Plan to Confiscate Guns!!

Did the above headline catch your attention?  If you are believer in the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment it probably made your stomach turn a little.  Bring on the Tums!!  The Federal Government is always looking for ways to usurp

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JP Featured . . . Daytona News Journal!!

Please go to the below link and read. You can affect change by sharing this link with your family, friends and associates.  The first place to start in abolishing the Federal Reserve is to gain knowledge.  The Money Spiders is a

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